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Unique to you

Share your experiences, and CoverCraft creates cover letters that truly show off your skills.

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One-click letters

Found a job you like? Drop it into CoverCraft and let us do the rest.

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Tailored to the job

Every job opportunity is unique. CoverCraft delivers top-notch letters that prove you're the perfect match.

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Add your info
Enter information such as your work experience, education and skills. This info is used to create a cover letter that shows off your unique skills and experiences.
Paste a job
Found a job you're interested in? Drop the job description into the app. It's as simple as a Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V.
CoverCraft evaluates the job description in-depth, extracting the most desired skills and role requirements. Within moments, your tailor-made, persuasive cover letter is ready!
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“This tool saves me so much time! Thanks @CoverCraft!”

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